The Foolproof Way to Go from Brown Hair to Blonde Hair

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The Foolproof Way to Go from Brown Hair to Blonde Hair

Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom, Ariana Grande… They all have one thing in common: they’ve taken the plunge and made the transformation from brunette to blonde. The process of lightening brown hair is high on commitment and even higher on drama, but the outcome – when done right – can range anywhere from icy-cool to soft and sun-kissed.


There is a type of blonde for everyone. All brunette hair can carry a certain amount of blonde, and choosing how to go light comes down to deciding on the lightness and tone with the right technique. If you’re undecided, look to our guide on the six best cool-toned blonde ideas and seven best warm-toned blonde looks. They cover everything from bronde balayage (for a subtle introduction to blonde hair) to full-head ash highlights.



It’s no secret that hair needs to be in good condition ahead of the lightening process, so getting in the routine of regular masking and less heat styling is a must. Use an ultra-hydrating line of products, such as INVIGO Nutri-Enrich, which consists of a vitamin-packed, moisturising Shampoo and a replenishing Deep Nourishing Mask. Make sure that, when hair is wet, you use a large toothed comb over traditional hairbrushes and apply Luminous Smoothening Oil to temper brittle ends.



No two journeys from brunette to blonde are the same, but they all start in a similar way: with a pre-lightening process that creates an ideal canvas for the chosen blonde shade. If you’re only looking to go two or three levels lighter, a permanent colour like Illumina Color or Koleston Perfect will work well, while a high lift tint will make the blonde shade even more dramatic. However, for the brightest blonde hue of all, lightening with a bleach is the way to go. All lightening options can be teamed with WellaPlex to maintain the strength of the hair.

After lightening, a toner is often required to personalise and create the final touches of blonde. It’s often done with a demi-permanent color as a method of toning or glossing, and works a little like a top coat. Because the effects of this secondary service tend to fade over time, top-ups between lightening appointments are recommended to maintain the dream blonde hue.



As well as topping up the toner and lightener every six to eight weeks (less if you go for balayage!), the condition of hair needs to be maintained in the wake of a brunette-to-blonde transformation. Switch to a color-safe range, like INVIGO Color Brilliance, which features the haircare basics (Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask) as well as a Miracle BB Spray that softens ends.

For more blonde hairspiration, read about the perfect blonde highlights for your hair color. Whether you have light brown hair, dark hair or you’re a natural blonde, you’ll find your most flattering look.

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