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Our mission is to provide quality products inspired by nature which give our clients the gift of perfect hair. Our products perform exceptionally well and we strive to constantly improve and develop each product in our range in order to provide the most cutting edge hair care possible. We know that with the right care program everyone can have luxuriously healthy hair, and we are eager to share everything we know with you.

It’s been a long journey so far and this is only the beginning, but every one of you who is happy with their hair makes it all worth the hard work!

As a family business founded in Melbourne – Australia, we value our close relationships with our clients and are proud to welcome you to our Terre a Mer family.


Wavy Up Perming

Wavy up provides the perfect balance between fashion and volume while protecting the hair’s structure. The hair is left bright and full of body, with absolutely firm waves and curls.

Keyliss Straightening

Keyliss is the product line created to straighten hair and reduce curl, useable either cold or hot with a plate. The olive oil and Hydrolysed Sericin in the formula leave the hair stronger, smoother and more manageable and keep it moisturised and protected throughout the treatment.

Terre Mer Smoothing

Terre a Mer was born from a need for high quality Natural hair therapies which our clients can count on.

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