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Why Fake it when you can have the REAL Thing with Headlines? Ladies rejoice! Angelina’s luscious locks and Jessica’s tumbling tresses can now be yours, without spending hours at the salon!!

Made from 100% natural human hair, Headlines Hairpieces™ offer a quick, affordable and extremely natural alternative to hair extensions and other chemical treatments. Headlines Hairpieces™ can change your look instantly all at the flick of a snap lock clip.


Today, hair is our ultimate fashion accessory; a true representation of our personality, attitude and lifestyle. Whether you desire thicker, longer hair or a stunning stand-out effect, Headlines Hairpieces™ give you endless styling possibilities. The diverse range of styles, lengths and colours will feed your desire to wear the latest looks and glow with infinite glamour!

Caring for your Headlines Hairpieces™ is simple. Because they are made from 100% natural human hair you can treat them as you would your own hair. Tong them, blow-dry them, curl them naturally and wash them using a salon-recommended shampoo & conditioner. Then all you have to do after washing is comb with a wide-tooth comb and blow-dry or leave to dry naturally.

For further information on Headlines Hairpieces™ please contact our staff on (08) 9367 5135

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