We are an Intercoiffure Salon, your guarantee of excellence


Dale James Hair and Beauty Salon is a member of this prestigious organisation in order to ensure that the Salon maintains a standard of offering the latest in training and trends in hairstyles so that you the client can expect nothing but the best.

Intercoiffure Mondial is a top worldwide hairdressing organisation on the highest level –in such cities as Paris, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Rome, representing over 2000 salons and over 4000 people.

There are 64 salons that belong to this prestigious organization whose aim is to provide the latest in hair fashion.

All 64 salons work together in cooperation, friendship and honour, meeting regularly to discuss ideas on new hair modes and service to clients.

Intercoiffure is a hairdressing guild – not a profit-based business.

Its aim is to ensure that those who join are advanced in hairdressing skills, practice good business ethics and provide quality service in clean salons

By creating an international network of fashion, and furthering friendships across the countries, Intercoiffure has opened the doors of the best hairdressers to the young talents in our field and leads in all the fields of the industry.

Dale has served on their National Board as a director, and is currently WA Chairman while his wife, Joanne, is the current WA branch treasurer. Their close involvement ensures that they are able to keep up with the latest in fashion and hairstyling techniques.

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