Meet The Owners

Dale has owned his own salon since he was just 21 years old. Dale and his wife Joanne have successfully built Dale James & Co into a leading salon serving the region around South Perth and neighbouring suburbs.

Dale’s salon work is impeccable and he has a loyal and extensive clientele. Joanne ensures the front of house is efficient and friendly.

Dale and Joanne continually inspire and encourage all staff members to be the best hairdressers they can be and develop training programs for both apprentices and senior stylists.

Dale also takes training once a week in the salon to share the knowledge he has acquired over the years of his career, and to ensure that the work being produced in the salon is of a very high standard.

Dale and Joanne’s wish is to inspire and create passion within the workplace and continue to expand, learn and grow as a partnership and team within Dale James & Co.

Dale is chairperson of the world renowned organisation Intercoiffure where he has been recognised and knighted for his dedication and commitment to the hairdressing industry.

    DALE JAMES Creative Director & Extension Specialist
    JO BRIERTY Director
  • SARAH BEVERLEY Manager, Senior Stylist, Senior Makeup Artist & Extension Specialist
  • SAMANTHA BRIERTY Manager & Makeup Artist

Our professional values

The team at Dale James & Co possess a wide variety of skills to meet clients needs. They keep themselves updated with on-going training and competitions so that they are able to deliver professional and high fashion results.

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