Let’s Say ‘Namaste’

 In COVID-19 Care Plan, Dale James Salon Perth

By now, most of us have encountered the Wuhan-shake or the elbow bump … the awkward shuffle and bruised shins as people attempt to greet each other in the wake of COVID-19

In this time of social distancing and isolation, it is important to stay connected and maintain our humanity. We can’t shake hands, so let’s say ‘Namaste’.

The word ‘Namaste’ (pronounced nah-mah-stay) literally means ‘bow me you’ and may be accompanied by a slight bow and a gesture in which the hands are placed with palms together and thumbs pointing towards the chest. Anyone who has been to a yoga class will be familiar with this greeting and will understand the expression to mean “the light in me bows to the light in you”.

Let’s say ‘Namaste’ and continue to show our care and respect for our fellow human beings.

By Emerson Munro

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