How to Get the Rose Gold Hair Color Trend

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How to Get the Rose Gold Hair Color Trend

Rose gold hair is trending. From pink lemonade tints to a rosé wine wash, the key to rose gold hair is getting the right balance of dusty pink hues, a touch of apricot and a shine-boosting metallic shimmer. Done correctly, this look can suit everyone, whether their base color is light, medium or dark. Just follow our tips to creating a rose gold shade that makes complexions glow…

1. For Fair Hair

Light hair is the ideal canvas for color, and getting a rose gold shade is achievable with a semi-permanent enhancer such as Wella Color Fresh. Mixing Nudist Pink with a touch of Uber Gold creates a rosy tone that veers away from looking fuchsia.

To maintain this shade on light hair, a color-friendly shampoo is a must. INVIGO Color Brilliance Color Protection Shampoo will enable better color retention, slowing down color fade. Meanwhile, INVIGO Color Recharge Red Conditioner will add to the rose hues and refresh the color. After drying and styling, add a spritz of EIMI Glam Mist Shine Spray for a glossy finish and protection against UV rays.

2. For Light-Medium Brown Hair

Mousy brown or light brunette hair gets an upgrade with rose gold balayage. It’s an easy way to wear the trend and – bonus! – requires minimal root touch-ups. Color Touch Relights in /03 and /06 can be custom-blended for a subtle pinky tone, then painted through the ends (for balayage) or applied from root to tip.

Up the shine in metallic hair with a sophisticated, edgy wet-look hairstyle, which will show off the color and shine while looking sleek and chic.

3. For Dark Hair

Getting a rose gold look on dark or black hair can be challenging. It requires a salon visit (or two) for the lightening process, one for the hair to be coloured, then follow-up appointments to tone and refresh.

It’s worth it for the final effect, but for anyone hoping to avoid all-over lightening, bands of rose gold color will make just as much of an impact. Leave the roots dark and weave pinky tones from the mid-lengths to the ends, getting more intense as you reach the tip for an edgy contrast.

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