About great lengths


100% Natural Remy Indian
Human Hair Extensions

Handcrafted in Italy



Great Lengths is the only hair extension company that controls all elements of its business from sourcing through to manufacturing. All hair is 100% human and of the highest quality from Indian temples. It is guaranteed to be100% ethical and 100% traceable.

This virgin remy hair (meaning all strands lay the same way from root to tip) then goes to the Great Lengths factory in Italy where it is transformed into the luxurious extensions that are shipped to prestigious salons globally. Great Lengths has created a highly sophisticated depigmentation process that does not damage the hair. Great Lengths reinvents proceeds back into the local community in India to provide funding for schools, hospitals and orphanages

Great lengths has over 50 colours available which allow our extension technicians to blend a range of colour to achieve the most natural effect.

Great lengths are available in 30cm, 40cm and 50cm and the price increases per length. 60cm are also available on special pre order.

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